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The Eco off-grid Glamping site will become a Destination.

A destination in Flintshire that is completely unique. Unique to Flintshire and to the ever-expanding glamping community.

The site will target the Walker. The rambler. The cyclist. The explorer. The Adventurer. The Adrenaline Junky.

The Beech Comer. The Nature Lover. The Family.

Promoting everything North Wales has to offer.

Each Unit will offer complete luxury designed for all weather enjoyment within its stunning surrounding.

There will be goose down quilts and pillows, log burners, fire pits, fully function kitchens, showers and private toilets.


The Project is about the amalgamation of worlds. 

Woodlands and Trees are a precious commodity for all of us. Individuals very rarely get to experience the wooded environment. Yes, we walk through them, sit under them, occasionally hug them, briefly becoming part of their wonder, but we don’t experience the magic of being among their majestic living forms for periods of time.


There is no reason why tourism cannot be integrated into a harmonious environment, whereby through design, impact is minimalised, whilst the visitor feels integrated in their immediate surroundings. Our natural environment offers great economic importance, great amenity value, but more importantly contributes to ‘our’ mental and physical health.


The Project is about respecting the ecological value of the woodland, whilst achieving accessibility and enjoyment for all discerning clients.

Their awareness and enjoyment will be triggered by different experiences, whether the unique swaying of the Oak, Ash or Alder, the gentle sound of the stream on the boundary or the cacophony of birdsong.

Please follow progress via our Mynanswood Instagram feed.

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